Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cannon Beach

As a ceramic’s student I discovered a teacher whose whole life was engaged in Creativity. His building of relationships in family and beyond continue to have affect. The image I have for my own life is greatly enabled by examples from Ray Grimm.

During the late sixties Ray participated in an experimental glass workshop in Ohio and brought back a new direction for some of his energy. School allowed only a few hours of his time to be used along with a budget of zero to develop a glass program. He begged for space from the maintenance department and collected outside resources to start class.

Ray’s example inspired the courage to begin my own experiment with glass in 1971. Originally intended to have a five year duration, that experiment continues today having becomeA keystone of my own identity. Like so many of his students I owe thanks to the way he showed us to be naturally grounded in our work. I will always miss him and I love him.

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