Friday, February 10, 2012


My Mornings with Ray:

In the 35 years I have known Ray our closest days were the last three years. We did a few bikerides, played Bocci, and ate many meals with friends and family - mostly we sat and talked over coffee. The memories I have is of a man full of enthusiasm for art, creativity, and buzzing around on various two-wheeled vehicles. A man who loved to get things done - and it seemed the bigger the challenge the happier he was. As his ability to perform became more difficult, his frustration, while evident, was communicated softly and sadly but always with happiness in the successes of others.

So the "get er done" Ray was highly integrated with the loving Ray who so cared for family and friends. He wished he could do another Cycle Oregon but was thrilled to hear how others were managing their process of preparation, training and climbing over nasty hills. He loved to share his ideas on enjoying the experience and not to be worried if it got tough - taking the SAG wagon was OK!

Sitting across the coffee table I watched Ray love those around him - his old friend Roger, his kids who were always there to help, and of course Jere. And that love came to me as well - I felt it strongly at every visit and I always looked forward to his call "Ian - you want some coffee?"


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