Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weather Machine

I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with Ray and Jere and the Ponzis and others on the Weather Machine project when I was the ED at the Square. I think the Weather Machine is among the most under-valued public art installations in the city. The complexity of the elements, the sculptural finesse, the mythological storylines were worthy of the highest praise. Sadly, there was not as much appreciation, in my opinion, as the work deserved. Despite that, I had the gift of the Grimms. Ray and Jere were cheerful and humorous, inventive and innovative, always willing to come back to tinker with the construction when it needed attention. I have a hard time thinking of them separately because they were so genuinely partners at the deepest level.

I was sad to read that Ray has journeyed on to more elevated climes. I send my sympathy and gratitude both to Jere and the family. We were blessed by his presence.

David Porter

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  1. David, That is a precious photo of the weather machine in snow! Thanks for posting!
    3rd daughter, Sarah