Saturday, February 4, 2012

From Phil Eagle

Dear Jere and all you darling kids.

My memory bank is packed with delightful memories of my visits to your charming home, but tonight I must talk about Ray and his teaching,that amazingly talented and humble craftsman who created a studio and an atmosphere of complete creative freedom for all of his students.

With never a negative attitude in the five years I was fortunate enough to be in his classroom he would provide ANYTHING I requested as he knew I was serious and dedicated. He taught by example, he would give a striking demonstration of his proficiency where he was truly one with the wheel and clay.

I would marvel at the forms he could create with such fluidity, these natural shapes would evolve never forced or eclectic, he copied no-one!!

The results were always a Grimm, unique and fresh and masculine as hell, oh what a potter, oh what a Dad,husband and friend.....I loved him and admired him, such an genuine and caring guy, how lucky I was to stumble into that old Lincoln high building and meet a man who would give me a place to work with no demands just true encouragement. Sure going to miss you ole Pal!

Most fondly, Phil Eagle class PSU 65'

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